Flying is the Business of Freedom

Today, 100,000 flights will safely crisscross the planet. At no time in history have our lives been so global and full of possibility. Even if you’ve never boarded a plane, aviation brings the world to you.

Ten million people board a plane every day, for trade, for tourism, or to connect with loved ones. Another ten million people earn their livelihood by making this possible. The business of freedom makes our lives better. Let’s explore the world of aviation and discover their amazing plane stories…


Explore Your Flight

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Great wall of China


Machu Picchu


Taj Mahal

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Do you see yourself working in the air transport industry? Aviation directly employs 8 million people worldwide, in a countless variety of roles. Below, we showcase some of the most popular careers. If you are already in the industry, why not consider taking your skills to the next level with IATA? Our Training and Development Institute helps 100,000 students a year to realize their potential.